Authentication & user management APIs #HasuraBaaS

Ready to use APIs for common auth use cases, such as social login via Facebook or Google, email verification, forgot password, etc.

Authentication against various identity providers

  1. Username/password (should not be used in production!)
  2. Recaptcha
  3. Email verification
  4. Social login (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Github)
  5. Mobile OTP based verification

User management features

Ready to use APIs for user management (email verification, password changes, forgot password, etc.)

Common session middleware for all your microservices

Once a user is authenticated, code you write does not need to authenticate the user or interpret sessions (eg: look up the session token in the session database) because of our built-in session middleware.

Read more about the session middleware in this blog post.

Hasura is an open-source engine that gives you realtime GraphQL APIs on new or existing Postgres databases, with built-in support for stitching custom GraphQL APIs and triggering webhooks on database changes.