Engineers from the biggest Indian IT companies learn how to build apps online

The last few sessions of IMAD have seen hundreds of engineers from the biggest names in the Indian IT sector sign up.

While everyone who signed up gave us their own unique reason for why they did, we were able to group them into 2 broad categories:

  1. Learn how to build applications: A large portion of engineers were domain specialists (DBAs, etc) who wanted to learn the broad range of skills involved in building web, mobile, and IoT apps.
  2. Understand modern development: The other group of engineers wanted to learn what the current trends were in application development, the what, why and how of the latest open source technologies and DevOps practices.

Here’s a look at the company-wise break up of students who signed up for the last session of IMAD:

Hasura is an open-source engine that gives you realtime GraphQL APIs on new or existing Postgres databases, with built-in support for stitching custom GraphQL APIs and triggering webhooks on database changes.



The Hasura GraphQL Engine gives you realtime, high performance GraphQL on any Postgres app. Now supports event triggers for use with serverless.

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