Hasura raises $1.6m seed from Nexus & GREE


We are very excited to share that we have raised a $1.6 million seed round investment from Nexus Venture Partners and GREE Ventures.

Nexus Venture Partners is based out of both India and the US, and have invested in several companies we admire greatly, including category leading companies such as Druva, Helpshift and Postman. GREE Ventures invests in early stage internet and mobile companies in Asia, and are particularly entrenched in the South East Asian market, where a strong developer ecosystem is emerging. We look forward to working with both of them.

Here’s what Sameer, Managing Director at Nexus, had to say about the investment: “We believe Kubernetes is going to change the way applications are being built and redefine DevOps boundaries and tooling. The Hasura team has been operating some of the world’s largest Kubernetes clusters and has been the first to create the necessary tooling for developers. Using Hasura’s platform, developers can now create cloud-native, portable and “elastic” applications within a few minutes without knowing anything about Kubernetes in the beginning!

We started Hasura with the broad aim of simplifying application development and deployment. To keep our efforts grounded, we also ran a development agency and built products for other clients alongside. We ended up building over 50 business critical products, across verticals such as e-commerce and logistics, and for clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies. This process resulted in Hasura emerging as it is today.

When we started, we were lucky in that new technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes were just emerging, that had the potential to completely upend the developer toolkit. We were even luckier in that we adopted these tools extremely early. Hasura represents a culmination of these experiences, plus our bias for UX honed over the course of years spent running a product development agency. It represents the current state of the art and uses the best in breed open source components, and we have taken care to make sure that the learning curve is minimal.

This remains our promise to our users. Hasura will always represent the bleeding edge and Hasura will always remain easy to use. This investment, and support from our investors will go a long way in ensuring we fulfil this promise. Watch this space!

More information can be found in the press release.

Hasura is an open-source engine that gives you realtime GraphQL APIs on new or existing Postgres databases, with built-in support for stitching custom GraphQL APIs and triggering webhooks on database changes.

Tanmai Gopal

Tanmai Gopal

Tanmai is the co-founder of hasura.io. He is a StackOverflow powered fullstack developer and is passionate about making it easier to build things.

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