Quick HowTo: FCM (push notifications) with nodejs

How to setup firebase cloud messaging with nodejs

Installing FCM

npm install fcm-push

Using FCM  

var FCM = require('fcm-push');
var serverkey = '<insert-server-key>';  
var fcm = new FCM(serverkey);
var message {  
    to : '<insert-device-token>',
    collapse_key : '<insert-collapse-key>',
    data : {
        <random-data-key1> : '<random-data-value1>',
        <random-data-key2> : '<random-data-value2>'
    notification : {
        title : 'Title of the notification',
        body : 'Body of the notification
fcm.send(message, function(err,response){  
    if(err) {
        console.log("Something has gone wrong !");
    } else {
        console.log("Successfully sent with resposne :",response);

Getting your server key-

- Go to firebase console
- Select your project
- Click on the 'gear' icon
- Go to Project Settings
- Go to Cloud Messaging
- Select the server key.

Testing your code with a sample app

You do not need to make an app to test your code. Here’s a quick guide on testing with the quickstart app.

  • Create a project in the firebase-console
  • Download the quick-start app for cloud messaging from here.
  • Download the services.json file present in the Project Settings of the project that you have created.
  • Add the file above file to your android application following the instructions from here.
  • Install the app to an appropriate device.
  • Click on ‘Log Token’. It will log the device token-id in the terminal.
  • Insert this obtained token replacing ‘insert-device-token’ in the above snippet of code.
  • Close the app in the device, and then run the code.

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