Tales from IMAD (India’s Largest MOOC)

This post was originally published on 17-October, 2016

Hasura, in close collaboration with IITM and NPTEL, recently launched an open-for-all, free online course intended for aspiring developers, students and professionals.

Introduction to Modern Application Development or IMAD, was expected to bridge the technical gaps that deter so many people from implementing their ideas. It was also a humble attempt to rethink the way engineers learn programming, to move away from the ad-hoc, experimental journey of a developer to a more structured, first-principles approach with a solid grounding in CS fundamentals.

Although only time (and repeated iterations) will tell us how far we have been successful in these lofty goals, the initial response to IMAD has been spectacular! The Youtube lectures have seen more than 248,000 views, which already translates to 980 man-hours spent learning! The discussion forums are abuzz with activity. Discourse has seen hundreds of questions being posted and answered (mostly by peers), more than 50 active discussions and greater than 30,000 views.

Students’ Experiences 
People with little or no experience in programming have followed the lectures with remarkable patience and actually built their first web-apps.

Here’s what SanaJahan’s first web app looks like -

You can read the complete story here on Medium

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