yo hasura-node == Express + Babel + ESLint + Watch

A Yeoman generator for nodejs that creates a scaffold expressjs app

Check out the first release (v 0.1). Ready to use for fun and profit (at your own risk).


npm install -g yo #if you don't have yeoman  
npm -g install generator-hasura-node  
mkdir myapp && cd myapp  
yo hasura-node


The app features two npm commands:

npm run start-dev

  • ESLint: Watch out for all the stupid programming errors and standardise code style across the project. Comes close to a compiler on occasion :)
  • Nodemon + watch: File watch that restarts the dev server and re-runs eslint as you make changes to your files
  • better-npm-run: Keep your env vars here.
  • Babel6: All the JS goodness that makes your code warm and fuzzy.

npm run start-prod

  • Runs everything with the production configuration

File any and all issues on Github and we will try our best to address them.

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